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Words in your dictionary are like clothes in your closet!

Clothes in your closet are like words in your dictionary…they’re there when we need them and they can make us look our best!

Do you only go shopping when you NEED something? Many of us like shopping! We buy clothes for every occasion; casual, semi-casual, business, fun, dressy, vacation, and formal. We have clothes for all seasons, too. Why? They provide us comfort. They make us look GOOD! They make us feel good. They boost our ego!



Is your dictionary closet looking pretty sparse?


Did you know that having a dictionary full of words for every occasion is extremely helpful, too? And they’re just like clothes in that it’s best to have them before you need them. As you need a word in your dictionary and you’re writing it, it’s an untrans. Womp womp. And for realtimers and captioners, it’s too late. We need them just like the clothes in our closet, before we know that we’re going to need them.

Were the clothes in your closet FREE? Did someone hand over a wardrobe specifically fit to you, diverse in all occasions, for nothing? Like your wardrobe, your dictionary is an investment in you, your career, your life, what you need.



The benefits of a full, diverse dictionary are MANY… reduce time (doing your favorite thing) editing, watch your self-confidence soar due to no untranslates, train to become a CART or broadcast captioner, and simply become the best you can possibly be.

Clothes = Words

Wardrobe = Dictionary