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Anissa is one of the country’s leading captioners and the creator of Dictionary Jumpstart, the leading dictionary building software for captioners, court reporters, and CART captioners. Her vast experience makes her the perfect captioning instructor.

Most recently, Anissa is the instructor for Caption Masters online captioning training. She has had the pleasure of helping nearly 400 reporters in the last four years attain their realtime, CART captioning and broadcast captioning goals.

Anissa’s passion, professionalism and dedication to her students sets Learn To Caption training apart from any other in the industry.

Class Descriptions

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Caption Masters

Cost: $1,500 (4-month course)
2.8 Continuing Education Units

The original Caption Masters Series (CMS) seminar has helped to train hundreds of realtime reporters to become A+ broadcast captioners. Today, the Caption Masters Series has been adapted into Caption Master Series II, an online version taught over the course of 4 months.


This new and innovative training program will prepare you for a career in broadcast captioning. This 16-week program has been specifically designed by experts in the field to provide participants with hands-on training through online seminars, manuals, dictionary builders and individual weekly realtime writing evaluations. (Yes, this means you’ll have homework!)

Your current CAT software is all you’ll need for this class – no captioning software is required.

Note: In addition to the tuition, students will be required to purchase a pre-arranged membership with Realtime Coach at the total discounted rate of $144 to be used during the course. The membership will terminate at the end of the course.


May 2019 Syllabus

September 2019 Syllabus


Entry Requirements: Proficient realtime writers. Thorough knowledge of CAT software is required.

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Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Training

Cost: $500 (4-week course)
0.4 Continuing Education Units

CART Training is a new and innovative 4-week training program that will prepare you for a career as a CART captioner. This program has been specifically designed by experts in the field to provide students with hands-on training through online class sessions, manual review, dictionary builders, and weekly realtime writing evaluations. (Yes, this means you’ll have homework!)

Your current CAT software is all you’ll need for this class – no captioning software is required.


CART Syllabus


Entry Requirements: Proficient realtime writers. Thorough knowledge of CAT software is required.

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One-On-One Realtime Training (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Instruction)

Cost: $800 (4-week course)
0.4 Continuing Education Units

Anissa Nierenberger will provide one-on-one training and mentoring for writers needing this form of training support. You will meet with Anissa weekly or every other week for four sessions that last an hour each. Times are flexible and will be scheduled at your convenience.  We will work on your individual concerns (word boundary issues, numbers, prefixes, suffixes, writing shorter, etc.) and progress you toward the next new realtime chapter in your career!

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Translation Tune-Up for Reporters

Cost: $100

0.2 Continuing Education Units

(Instant MP4 download + 1/2 hour personal training session with Anissa.)

Just for court reporters, this new and innovative training program from LearnToCaption and Anissa Nierenberger, RPR, CRR, CRC, CRI, will enhance your writing ability, reduce your editing time and frustrations and give you the confidence of a realtime rock star!


The Translation Tune-Up training program is a simple, 4-step process.


Step One: Complete a quick, online writing review. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3.

*Note: The writing review contains dense material. The purpose of this is to gather information about your specific writing challenges – please do not edit the file. Anissa can help only if she can see your TRUE writing ability.


Step Two: Listen and follow along with the recorded webinar called, “Terminate, Transcript, Turmoil” you will receive with your purchase of this training. (The webinar recording is 1 hour and 23 minutes).


Step Three: Anissa will dictate a Quick Diagnostic Check for you to write at the end of the webinar. You will keep this Diagnostic file in your CAT software.


Step Four: Anissa will schedule and spend 30 minutes with you one-on-one after you complete the writing review, the webinar, and Quick Diagnostic Check at the end of the recorded webinar. You’ll review the Diagnostic file together and Anissa will provide three things for you to work on and offer advice for your specific questions or concerns.


Please complete the writing review first by enrolling and then make your purchase of the course.

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NEW! Up Down Over & Out Steno Theory

Cost: $59

0.1 Continuing Education Units

(Password-protected video course + downloadable course manual and practice sheet)

The Up, Down, Over and Out Theory is for stenographers of ALL levels. This course resolves all word boundary issues with words beginning or ending with after, all, around, down, ever, off, on, out, over, under and up. Yep, we’ll cover them ALL!


This course is for every reporter who has edited the words “backup”, “turnaround”, “upload” or any other words that have been word boundary issues. This theory resolves thousands of word boundary issues and… it’s easy! 


Your reward? Less editing time when all of these words translate correctly and can be built as one word on the fly!


*Please note: It is not required to complete the writing review prior to purchasing this course.

In-Person Training With Anissa

Cost: $2,500

A+ Onsite Personal Training


In-person training with Anissa is for YOU if you are ready to take your career to a whole new level!


In-person training with Anissa means you’ll travel to meet with her for two days of completely personalized training at her office in the Owyhee Building in beautiful downtown Boise, Idaho.


This training option with Anissa includes 10 hours of one-on-one, customized, personal training which can be geared toward realtime and/or CART captioning training.


One version of Dictionary Jumpstart of your choice, and her book, “Simpler Syllables.” is included in your training fee.


*Each reporter is responsible for travel to and from Boise as well as lodging.


Contact Anissa to start a conversation about scheduling your customized onsite training program with her today!

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2018 Training Sessions for CART and Captioning

Caption Masters

Caption Masters – May 7 to August 30 *Sign up by April 20

Caption Masters – September 14 to December 27 *Sign up by August 17

CART Training

CART Training – March 6 - 27 (four consecutive Tuesdays) *Sign up by February 23

CART Training – October 2 - 23 (four consecutive Wednesdays) *Sign up by September 21

One-On-One Training

Realtime One-On-One Training – starts at your convenience, on your schedule

Translation Tune-Up – starts at your convenience, on your schedule

How To Enroll In Classes

We start with a simple writing review.  Assessing your realtime level assures that you are enrolled in the right course, thus setting you up for success!

Step 1:

Download this glossary for prep. Put these words into a Job Dictionary and make sure you select this dictionary to translate against.

Download Glossary

Step 2:

Download and write this file one time (5:31). Please do not edit the file.

Download Audio File

Step 3:

Complete the questionnaire and upload your .rtf or .txt file for your free individual review. *Both documents are required to complete your review.

Complete the Questionnaire

** If you have previously completed these steps and would like to sign up for training, CLICK HERE. **

"I was new to the CART world when I first started working with Anissa, but when I completed her class, I felt like an expert. My dictionary improved immensely; far beyond what I could have done on my own."

Kayla C.
CART Captioner

"The one-on-one training that I received from Anissa was invaluable! Anissa gives you new ways to think about how you write. I would definitely recommend Anissa and LearnToCaption!"

Susan A. Zielie

"I wish I would have done one-on-one training with Anissa years ago. I think everyone should take this, if nothing else just to save time on editing. It is well worth their time and money."

Donna Chafins
Court Reporter

"One-On-One training with Anissa has improved my realtime so much and I feel a lot more confident in giving it to my judge. It has been a game changer."

Kelly Spears
Court Reporter

“After 20 years of reporting, I decided it was time for a change. Two months after completing Caption Masters, I was live on-air. One of the best decisions I've ever made!”

Jodi Crutchfield

“It's the first time in 23 years I look forward to going to work!”

Kathleen Wilkins

“After 25 years of court reporting, Caption Masters opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my writing, writing smarter and cleaner, focusing on perfect translation, and has taught me it IS attainable, allowing me to transition from court reporting to CART and live TV captioning. Thank you, Anissa! YOU ROCK!!”

Karen White

“Caption Masters was the catalyst I needed to get on air as a broadcast captioner. Not only did I become a better reporter, but I am a captioner, one of my lifetime goals! I would HIGHLY recommend Caption Masters - Anissa was awesome!”

Cheryl Rooney

“I was hired by a captioning company & I credit Caption Masters for preparing me on what to expect, preparing/tweaking my dictionary & writing style and I highly recommend this course.”

Debi Pangburn

“Through her excellent teaching skills and dedication to each of her professional students that doesn't end at course completion - offering invaluable tips and guidance on writing, effective practicing and dictionary building and maintenance. Anissa has greatly helped this 37-year court reporting veteran on the road to our profession's Ph.D. jewel, closed captioning."

Aaron R. Alweis

"Anissa is a great instructor and prepared me well for my captioning career, which will begin upon my retirement from court. I recommend Caption Masters to anyone who wants to pursue a captioning career or just improve their writing skills. It was a fantastic course, and I can't even begin to tell you all I learned.”

Sara Lerschen

“Captions Masters was the catalyst in my transitioning from court reporting to CART/captioning. It was well worth it. I also used Dictionary Jumpstart. I trusted the process of those two things, and now I'm working in the field of CART/captioning.”

Candy Thomas

“I would highly recommend Caption Masters. I've been a broadcast captioner for almost a year now. Anissa is a hands-on instructor, and is there for you every step of the way & beyond. This class helped me make the transition from being a court reporter for 20-plus years to becoming a captioner.”

Lisa Grau

“I always thought cleaning up my writing after so many years would be this huge process that would take years and Caption Masters made it simple and effective in four months.”

Emily Niles

“Anissa is an INCREDIBLE instructor. I hope to be like her someday!”

Madonna Farrell