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The Sweet Path To The Top Of The Captioner Cake

JCR CoverIf you receive the printed version of The JCR, you may have already had a sneak peek of Anissa’s featured article, “The Sweet Path To The Top Of The Captioner Cake” in the January issue. We get a lot of questions from reporters on how to make the transition from court reporting to captioning, and this article gives you the recipe for doing just that! We’ve posted an excerpt from the article below but you can read the full version over on The JCR website.

The sweet path to the top of the captioner cake
January 19, 2017 by NCRA
By Anissa R. Nierenberger

Broadcast and CART captioners comprise only 4.3 percent of NCRA’s membership. That’s a pretty tiny sliver! So why should you consider crossing over into these realtime career options? Because the growth rate for these careers will outpace the growth for court reporters past 2018. Benefits of these jobs include getting to live wherever you’d like because these jobs can be done remotely as long as you have access to reliable Internet. Transcript pages will no longer hang over your head like a dreadful gray cloud. A consistent work schedule that you’ll know up to a month ahead of time will reduce the stress of last-minute changes. And commute time?

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