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The Quick Hack to Better Translations

For the most part, steno training revolves around two core principles: speed and accuracy. Write faster and more accurately and all your problems will be solved…right?

Ah, if only it were that easy! No, the fact is, this is a much more complex issue than just “writing faster and more accurately.”

(This sort of reminds me of the advice given to alcoholics: “You should just stop drinking.” Well, duh.)

The Realtime Secret You May be Missing

Realtime is doable if we think “little pieces.” You have to start looking at prefixes, word pieces, and suffixes differently. If you start to define word pieces, they’ll translate as something useful instead of gobbledygook. This makes our realtime look even better! 

How do I know this works? Because I’ve been writing like this for 26 years now as an A+ broadcast captioner with a TAR (translation accuracy ratio) of 99.8%.  (This is not the number in your CAT software, it’s more comprehensive than that.) 

Again, this isn’t just about skill. It’s about building an amazing dictionary and this is step one. YOU can do this! If you need help, I have written a book called Simpler Syllables that will help you build a killer dictionary of word pieces. (check it out here!)

Set a goal for yourself of getting through two pages per day. It’s doable and you’ll start to see improvement within two weeks.