Just Okay… is Not Okay – Recording


In today’s competitive world, you need to stand out to succeed.
Increase demand for your services by learning to produce better-quality realtime! Anissa will show you real-life examples of sellable and non-sellable realtime. You’ll learn how to solve stacking issues, create easy briefs, and edit more efficiently. If you’ve ever felt intimidated by realtime or just want to “up your game,” this webinar is for you!

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Presenter: Anissa Nierenberger
Credits: 1.5 hours or .15 CE
Recording Access: Unlimited viewing on our website (purchase and login required) until at least January 01, 2022
Users current on support save 10% and students save 50%.
School instructors are FREE! Instructors, call 772-288-3266 during normal business hours to request access.
Suitable for all court reporters who write steno, regardless of CAT software
* Not recommended for voice users.