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Let’s Talk Numbers

You’ve been thinking about getting Dictionary Jumpstart for a while…”Someday I’ll get DJ and work on my dictionary.”
Your SOMEDAY has arrived! Now through this Friday, May 26th, 2017, ALL DJ software is 25% OFF with the coupon code: CELEBRATE25YEARS
Let’s talk some numbers about DJ:
145,000 – the number of words contained in Dictionary Jumpstart that you are truly going to need to be a CART or broadcast captioner.
Need proof?
Open a RT file and write: Kilimanjaro, crème brulee, Pekingese, dungarees, tule fog, roentgen, Froot Loops, Aquafina, sci-fi, croquet, lickety-split, Cruella De Vil, Ichabod Crane, cornucopia, marquise, Escalade, Westminster Abbey, Taj Mahal, Canon Law, cockatiel, bisque, toboggan, Sri Lanka, papier-mache, Hogwarts, chandelier, Ketchikan, Hewlett-Packard, Excedrin, Caspian, Guggenheim Museum, spearmint, Mister Rogers, bazooka, Potawatomi Indians, virga, Pinocchio, best-seller, camouflage, eTailer, peignoir, Aveeno, tango, Zamboni, mascara, monolithic, Aurora Borealis, billet-doux, bivouac, certiorari, and Teflon.
Do you have all of these?
Let’s start building. In only one hour per day, you’re only four months away from having an AMAZING on-air ready dictionary! It took me four years to build this kind of dictionary. Take advantage of my 25 Year Anniversary Sale today!