Dictionary Jumpstart

How Dictionary Jumpstart Began

What began as a small project to help a fellow captioner almost two decades ago blossomed into a complete dictionary-building program that has grown year after year. After that first experience helping her colleague, Anissa realized there was a real need to provide fellow reporters with the vocabulary they needed to improve their dictionaries. She also discovered that many reporters wanted to pursue other areas of reporting like captioning and CART. What followed was the creation of a cutting-edge, Realtime Dictionary Software that helps steno writers build their vocabularies across the United States and abroad.

It’s Time to Improve Your Realtime

A realtime reporter is only as good as his/her dictionary. Dictionary Jumpstart can help you build the vocabulary required for a variety of careers 60% faster than if you were building it yourself. From the novice to the expert level, our software can help build, clean and enhance your dictionary. Dictionary Jumpstart breaks down vocabulary into ten versions including: Environment, Food & Health, Media, Names, Phrases, Sports, Vocabulary, Idioms, History and World. Plus, five modules have been approved to earn PDCs by NCRA.

The Future of Reporting is Happening Now

In the next ten years, the industry is expecting a massive shortage, so there’s never been a better time for you to work in all areas of reporting. Dictionary Jumpstart can be an invaluable tool as you begin your transition to captioning or improve your realtime as a court reporter by reducing mistranslates and untranslates.

This is a game changer to your career. Let us prove it to you.

This leading realtime dictionary building software was developed over the last 20 years from over a quarter century of experience in the industry. DJ is the culmination of thousands of hours of research and development. There has never been a more comprehensive dictionary for reporters and captioners.

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Features & Benefits

The industry's leading dictionary building software is your fastest way to realtime.

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DJ Versions + Add-On Packages

Dictionary Jumpstart was developed to provide realtime writers with general and specific words across a multitude of categories such as names, phrases, terms, and more. Utilize our extensive libraries as the basis for building your dictionary today. Mix and match based on your specific needs.


31 files; over 11,500 entries

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Food & Health

78 files; over 21,000 entries

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17 files; over 17,000 entries

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34 files; over 25,000 entries

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1,000 most common words; Over 4,500 phrases

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19 files; over 11,000 entries

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32 files; over 31,000 entries

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58 files; over 21,000 entries

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21 files; over 3,700 entries

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Over 4500 proper names

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International Languages


30,000 Entries

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30,000 Entries

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Dictionary Jumpstart: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions or need more information, please feel free to reach out to us. We'll be happy to answer them.

01 What exactly is Dictionary Jumpstart?

It is a software program that allows any reporter to quickly build a well-rounded dictionary. It is available for stenographers and voice writers.

02 Is this program only for captioners?

This program is for any reporter who has untranslates and mistranslates and would like to reduce their editing time.

03 Do I still have to go back and define my entries after stroking the steno out?

We’re happy to say, No! All the reporter does is stroke out each entry. You may stroke each entry as many different ways as you’d like. If you want to put hysterical in your dictionary written five different ways, go for it. You may even laugh as you do it!

04 Can I import the dictionary I create with Jumpstart into my Eclipse or Case Catalyst software?

Yes, you may import the dictionary into any CAT software.