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Certification or Expertise?

If you need training and becoming a captioner has been a career goal for you, this post is for you. This chart helps to break down the difference between being CERTIFIED or earning EXPERTISE. If you are considering a transition in your career from court reporting to captioning, THIS course is what will prepare you for getting the actual job!

Captioning companies require you to write realtime at a minimum of 98.5% accuracy even though you are only required to write at 96% to be a certified CRC. Do you want to be “certified” or READY to go on air AND get hired within months of completing the course? The next Caption Masters course begins on May 1st enrollment ends on April 24th. Move your career forward with Caption Masters!



“I would highly recommend Caption Masters. I’ve been a broadcast captioner for a year now. Anissa is a hands-on instructor, and is there for you every step of the way & beyond. This class helped me make the transition from being a court reporter for 20-plus years to becoming a captioner.”
Lisa Grau, CSR