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Captioning NEEDS You!

And…you’ll LOVE it!

Learn To Caption’s next Caption Masters course begins on May 1, 2017 and the enrollment deadline is April 20th! It’s coming up FAST so if you’ve been on the fence about signing up, we thought this might be encouraging to you.

We asked our Caption Masters Alumni to share their advice and personal experience with the course. Specifically, we asked, what would they tell YOU to do if you were considering it. Here’s what Cindy Schwemmer had to say:

“What would I tell someone? YES !!! Go for it !! It will be the best investment you’ve made in your career since court reporting school.

Anissa’s Caption Masters/CART courses are outstanding! Her knowledge of the field of CART/Captioning, writing realtime, willingness to share that knowledge, as well as skill as an instructor are phenomenal! And her wonderful personality is an added bonus!

I was a court reporter in State and Federal court and a deposition firm over my 38-year career. Learned realtime years ago but didn’t work very hard on honing my realtime skills because I didn’t “need to”.
When my judge decided to retire, I had to take “involuntary retirement” because there were no positions in my district for me to transfer to. I decided I wanted to learn CART with the thought in mind of “expanding my horizons” — and, boy, did I !!!!
The year before I retired from federal service, I took Anissa’s CART and Caption Masters course. I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say I was AMAZED at how much I learned !!!
Granted, it was a lot of hard work; but so worth every bit of effort.
Last year I was offered an incredible opportunity to CART Caption for a first-year medical student. WOW!!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would ever be doing something like this !! Nor did I imagine I COULD do something like this!!
I feel so blessed to have opportunity to make a difference in a young lady’s life by offering my skills to help her achieve her dream of becoming a pediatrician. Plus, I learn something new every day! And make a good income doing it!

So, YES !!! You CAN do this! And the Caption Masters course can set you on the path to achieve YOUR dream!

Best wishes in your new career!”

You can read Cindy’s post directly on our Facebook page here.

Why Caption Masters?

Why do captioning companies prefer Caption Masters Graduates?

  • CM is the standard, having trained captioners for 15+ years
  • CM is taught by a 25-year captioner
  • CM provides weekly individual reviews, unlike other training
  • You will be PREPARED to caption!

LearnToCaption’s innovative training program will prepare you for a career in broadcast captioning in 16 weeks. The course consists of four 2-hour online lectures, manuals, dictionary builders and individual weekly realtime evaluations.

You’ll also earn 2.8 CEUs with Caption Masters!

How to get started on the path to captioning

We start with a simple, FREE writing review. Assessing your realtime level assures that you are enrolled in the right course, thus setting you up for success! Head over to our Training Page and click on Caption Masters to learn more and enroll today!